Worldwide Peace
Worldwide Peace NOW

Our vision:
Worldwide Peace NOW

Peace within people
Peace among people
Peace between peoples, cultures and religions
Peace with animals, plants and the Earth

This vision of worldwide peace may seem like an unreachable dream today.

But throughout human history there have been and still are visionaries who stand up for global goals and advance social change.

100 peaceful people will stand up and travel the world as part of the vision “Worldwide Peace NOW.”

The certainty that there is peace in every person, the certainty that every living creature yearns for peace, the certainty of a supreme order of peace, is the foundation and orientation of our actions.

We invite you to explore what peace means for you and to understand what we mean by lasting, sustainable world peace.

We show you how we as humans can achieve this and how you personally can contribute to worldwide peace.

Peace begins within me.


“The attractive
force of peace
is gentler and stronger
than the attractive
power of war.”
David Wared

How do you
experience peace
in the world?

When we look at the world today, we see countries ruled by conflicts, strife and war.

For thousands of years, people have hoped for peace. For thousands of years, people have searched for peace…

…Peace within themselves, peace in the family, peace in societies, peace between peoples, states and religions.

Many people, movements and organizations are committed to world peace. We owe them all our thanks and appreciation.

Peace is when all human beings and all living beings can live in the world with equal dignity and equal rights.

We as humans can discover peace within us, realize it in life and linger in peace with each other.

There can be no peace between peoples when there is no peace among people.

There can be no peace among people when there is no peace within people.

Peace always begins within each individual human being. Are you ready for your peace?


What is peace?

“From the perspective of the Philosophy of Light Awareness, peace is achieved when all living beings can be certain that no suffering, harm or indignity will be inflicted on them, and that all beings will be able to fulfill their purpose and their life’s tasks without prejudice.”

David Wared

In every living being there is a deep yearning to live in peace…

  • In gratitude for the gift of life.
  • In confidence that they can live with spiritual, mental and physical integrity.
  • In the certainty of having enough to eat and clean drinking water.
  • In the security of living without fear and burdens.
  • In the trust that all people will treat themselves, their fellow human beings and nature with appreciation.
  • In the joyof developing and living their unique potential.


“When people consider everything
they perceive with peace,
there will be no conflicts
or wars on Earth.”

David Wared

What is life like…

…in a peaceful society?

The ethical foundations of a peaceful society apply to all areas of life, such as society, business and politics.

All decisions, actions and agreements are based on the 11 fundamental values of peace, truth, love, freedom, unity, light, love, life as well as order, harmony and rhythm.

Thus the realization of peace means peaceful thinking, peaceful feeling and peaceful acting.

Universal ethos – extended humanity

The highest esteem, respect and appreciation, that include humans, animals, plants and nature on an equal and equitable basis, is based on extended humanity.

On this basis a sustainable foundation is created from all areas of society, ensuring all people, living creatures and the Earth itself can exist in abundance, joy and integrity.

The task of each individual is to bring about and preserve peace. This is done as best as possible in a direct democracy, in which solutions are found together that serve the highest good for all.


“Do you remember
the peace of your childhood?

Do you remember
the moments of lived peace?

What was it then
and what is it today
that inspires your soul
so much?”

David Wared

Are you yearning
for a world of peace

for your children and grandchildren as well?

In a world of peace all human beings and living creatures live on an equal footing and have equal value. We live in a society where we live with and for each other, with compassion and respect for ourselves, others and nature.

All levels of government and society work together to pave the way for business, culture, health and nutrition, society, education, politics, ecology and animal welfare.

Decisions are tenable for the future and sustainably cover a period of at least 100 years.

The peaceful person assumes responsibility in every decision and is aware that each of their actions has implications and consequences for the whole. Everything is connected with everything.

The peaceful person aligns their actions, their whole life, with the universal ethos. In a peaceful society, people offer their talents in service of the community. Goods and natural resources are available for sustainable use and for the benefit of all. The quality of life increases for everyone everywhere. Later generations will also be able to enjoy a happy life.


Are you ready for your peace?

The path to realizing peace is a personal path of knowledge

rather than hate.
rather than fear.
rather than reject.
ather than copy.”

David Wared

The path moves from the inside to the outside and begins with the opening and the willingness to align yourself with peace.

You can perceive, forgive, and dissolve everything within you that is still not at peace. This will bring you to a state of peace with yourself and within yourself.

This is the foundation for living in peace with others. Past injuries, disrespect or conflicts are healed through forgiveness. This opens you up so you have a deeper level of attachment to everything. This level is free from conditions, free from striving for performance and profit, free from prejudice and limitations.

This is the foundation for living in peace with others. Past injuries, disrespect or conflicts are healed through forgiveness. This opens you up so you have a deeper level of attachment to everything. This level is free from conditions, free from striving for performance and profit, free from prejudice and limitations.

You experience, discover and recognize that peacefulness is only realized when it is lived in harmony with all the living beings of the world: with oneself, with all people – in states, communities, cultures and religions – and with animals, plants and the whole nature.

You thereby create a space for loving, peaceful, truthful and free togetherness.

World peace is inseparable from your personal peace. You create world peace by recognizing and living your own peace.

Are you ready for worldwide peace?

The world’s largest act
for peace:
by David Wared


  • 100 peaceful people will unselfishly travel for
  • 2 years to
  • 100 countries across all the continents and organize
  • 100 peace congresses there.

In doing so, we put ourselves at the service of world peace and continue what we have been doing for many years on our peace journeys all over the world on a spiritual, mental and physical level.

Love 8

  • We lead Peace Talks with people from different races, cultures and religions in complete openness, the widest acceptance and the highest esteem.
  • We strengthen peace through education, counseling, support, assistance and treatment for people and organizations.
  • We perform Peace Meditations to promote forgiveness and healing for past injustice, exploitation, injury and suffering.
  • At our Joint Meals for Peace with different cultures we experience our original solidarity again.
  • At our Walk of Peace we invite you to walk with us in silence for peace.
  • We create symbols of peace through tree plantings, blessings and honoring local people.
  • We act in peace through animal healing, water healing, plant healing and Earth healing to restore the original state of equal value and equal dignity.



Together we create worldwide peace.

Peace in the world is the responsibility of all of us. Everyone is asked to contribute their share.

We are not traveling for ourselves. We are traveling because it is our longing to spread the message of peace throughout the world and to touch the peace in each individual.

We are traveling because we want to express and give back their dignity to humans, animals, plants and Mother Earth.

We are traveling to witness our gratitude, honor and love in encounters to all people.

We are spreading the most far-reaching and deepest vision of peace in the world through our WORLD TOUR for PEACE.

The WORLD TOUR for PEACE is happening NOW because the world needs a change NOW.

The WORLD TOUR for PEACE is happening NOW because humans and all living beings long for a new quality of global interaction.

The WORLD TOUR for PEACE is happening NOW because WE are starting NOW.

Will you join us?


“Peace with animals, now.
Peace with plants, now.
Peace with people, now.
Peace with the Earth, now.
Peace with life, now.
Worldwide peace NOW.”
David Wared


Welcome to peace

Sustainability of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE –
Global Cities of Peace

“If we recognize
within ourselves
what peace is, then
peace is realized
in everything.”
David Wared

Our vision of peace involves creating Cities of Peace around the world. We have already started preparations in our hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany, as well as in Cyprus, Colombia, Namibia and Tanzania.

The organization “Cities of Peace Association Germany e.V.” organizes and supervises the foundation and implementation of the Cities of Peace throughout the world.

This is our vision for the entire world: in each of the 100 countries we travel to we want to lay the foundations for a City of Peace – thus we will weave a network of Cities of Peace throughout the world. People can live, visit, learn and develop in these cities. And people will testify from their own experience:

“I am peace and I stand for peace.
Worldwide peace NOW.”

David Wared

David Wared
Peace Visionary

David Wared, peace visionary and philosopher of healing, is the founder of a new, deepened and complete philosophy of peace, which he has taught and passed on to people throughout the world since August 1974. He comes from a family that has been supporting people on their way to complete healing for centuries. His longing is to empower all people to live with a higher consciousness, enabling the realization of worldwide peace.

David Wared studied philosophical teachings from all cultures of the world at an early age and founded his own philosophy of peace, which also thematizes and extensively explains the nature of healing. As a philosopher of healing, he helps people to realize liberation, healing and knowledge so they can fully recognize and accept their freedom and responsibility.

His philosophy describes three levels of peace for the first time: individual, global and universal peace. This results in a completely new path of knowledge for humans.

David Wared realizes the highest peace by educating people about their origin, potential and the meaning of life for them, comprehensively teaching them and supporting them on their individual path to inner peace.

He has established the vision of worldwide peace through the Philosophy of Light Awareness. With the WORLD TOUR for PEACE and the worldwide Cities of Peace he impulses the implementation of global peace actions.

100 Botschafter

Who are we?

Peace movement

We are an international peace movement based on the Philosophy of Light Awareness by David Wared. We carry out our actions free of economic interests, political and social systems and beyond all religions.


We have been committed to worldwide peace for 45 years.


We are people from different areas of society. We are connected by the search for deeper meaning. Our questions are answered conclusively, comprehensibly and completely for the first time through the Philosophy of Light Awareness.


In 2011, we founded the Light Awareness Academy as an educational, meeting, development and workplace in Düsseldorf, Germany. As our Motherhouse of Peace the Academy is open to all people, religions and cultures.


We have experienced and recognized that peace begins within us, and we carry the vision of worldwide peace in our hearts.

For peace

We travel the world for peace: The greatest vision of peace in human history is carried from our hearts into the world for the first time starting in Germany.


Our vision of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE is being implemented through the non-profit organization Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V.

“Peace is not a goal or purpose
– it is a reality within us.”
David Wared

Contact persons

of Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V.

Susanne Knopp

Susanne Knopp
General Management

Beate Knopp

Beate Knopp
Vice Chairman
Cooperation Management
Philosopher of Light Awareness

Karin Knopp-Willigalla

Karin Knopp-Willigalla
Vice Chairman
Public Relations
Corporate Design & Social Media

Kay Kampmann

Kay Kampmann
Finance & Administration

Mechthild Assmann

Mechthild Assmann
Public Relations
Cooperation Management
Philosopher of Light Awareness

Dr. Sigard Rude

Dr. Sigard Rude
Medical Management
Philosopher of Light Awareness

Ulrike Adler

Ulrike Adler
Quality Management
Philosopher of Light Awareness

Monika Koppe-Rulands

Monika Koppe-Rulands
Cooperation Management

Stefanie Horst

Stefanie Horst
Cooperation Management

Norbert Rulands

Norbert Rulands
Cooperation Management

Ireen Agatz

Ireen Agatz
Cooperation Management

Hans-Jürgen Wöber

Hans-Jürgen Wöber
Cooperation Management

“When you think peace, you can recognize peace.
When you feel peace, you can give peace.
When you act peace, you can be peace.”
David Wared


Peace visionaries
come together

The WORLD TOUR for PEACE is a non-profit trip. We are supported by patrons, founders, sponsors and cooperation partners who are deeply committed to the vision of world peace.

Become a supporter and turn towards this vision of a peaceful world.

This is how visionaries come together for a world of peace.

To realize this vision, we look forward to receiving your support. Together we will find a form of support that works best for you.

  • Turn towards this vision personally to experience the potential within you.
  • Turn towards this vision spiritually to discover that peace is also present in you.
  • Turn towards this vision mentally to recognize the unity of which you are a part.
“The impossible
becomes possible
when the possibility
is realized in you.”
David Wared